White Opal 150


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white opal 150
white opal 150

white opal 150 white opal 150

White Opal 150 is a freeform opal that has very nice blue, green, yellow and red flashes.

11.1 x 7.6 mm

1.50 ct

The Opal Outlet Shop provides white opal, including this White Opal 150.

White opal can be white or clear.  The majority of opal rough comes from Coober Pedy area of southern Australia.  Opal rough is opal material in it’s original rocky state, as it is dug out of the ground . In most cases, marketable opal rough will be cut or broken stone with some opal material exposed.  Cleaned opal rough can reveal an opal rub. An opal rub is a cleaned piece of rough that exposes the fire of the opal.  Rubs are ready to cut and shape into an opal gemstone.

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For more details about Opal, Please visit The Opal Value, Price, and Jewelry Information at the International Gem Society here


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