OPLGPEND01 Opal Teardrop Pendant


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OPLGPEND01 Opal Pendant

The Opal Outlet Shop provides gold plated OPLGPEND01 Opal Teardrop Pendant, for an inexpensive but genuine opal triplet gifts.  An Opal Triplet is made up of 3 parts.  A thin, sparkling slice of opal is placed on either black onyx, obsidian or black opal potch.  A dome of crystal or quartz is placed on top for protection and amplification of color.

It is the last element that I enjoy the most.  While triplets can be considered lesser in value than a doublet because of the opal content, I find it to be more jewelry ready due to the vibrancy as a whole.

To learn more about opals, please visit the All About Opals Page here

Opal Teardrop Pendant
Opal Size 7 x 5 mm
Pendant Size
23.42 x 10.82 mm
1.41 grams



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