Opal Rough Mix


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australian opal rough


The Opal Outlet Shop provides this Australian opal rough mix.

per 100 carat lot (it will be slightly over 100cts), you may find white (crystal), boulder (matrix) or black opal rough

The bowl is not included.

Shown is about 5 lbs of cleaned opal rough. I will be pulling orders from this bunch first, then cleaning some more and so-on.

The more lots you purchase, the larger some pieces can be.

Quality will most likely NOT be “A” grade, but no telling, since I am not sorting it.

You may find rough pieces that can be worked into a gem (if you have the skill)

To learn more about opals, please visit the All About Opals Page here

For more details about Opal, Please visit The Opal Value, Price, and Jewelry Information at the International Gem Society here


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