Chalcedony 023 (White) Gemstone


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Chalcedony 023 (White) Gemstone

The Opal Outlet Shop continues to offer a wide variety of gemstones including this beautiful, white Chalcedony 023 Gemstone.

Chalcedony 023 (White)

8 x 6 mm Oval

1.65 ct

Learn more about white chalcedony here

Chalcedony is not scientifically its own mineral species, but rather a form of Quartz in microcrystalline form. However, the name is an old name, and almost all mineral reference guides and collectors distinguish Chalcedony separately from Quartz. In the gem trade, the name Chalcedony usually describes only white or blue Chalcedony, to distinguish it from the multicolored banded variety Agate and other unique varieties of this mineral.


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